For Medical Professionals:

Medical Insurance: most insurances cover oral appliances as a DME similar to CPAP
Medicare: to be determined.

We Provide resources for:

  • Early screening and risk determination.
  • Pre and post scoring of nasal and pharyngeal airway size and
  • Education in sleep hygiene.
  • Children’s airway screening – dental and orthodontic and orthognathic diagnosis, management, and treatment.
  • Collaboration with sleep certified physicians, ENT, primary physicians, sleep labs, ICST and OCST
  • Management of Options to CPAP, surgery, oral surgery
  • Oral appliance fabrication / selection
  • Oral Appliance Titration – Pharyngometry and home sleep monitoring prior to confirmation ICST

Resource for:

Dental Evaluation for OAT feasibility, Options for edentulous patients, Dental implant options, Denture options

  • Combination therapy options CPAP Mask, Nasal pillows connected to oral appliances, strap free masks
  • Reduces CPAP pressures
  • Management of Medical Insurance for Sleep Apnea Treatments