Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you are suffering from sleep apnea don’t hesitate, many treatment options are available. Based on current research, weight loss is considered the first step in treating sleep apnea. In addition to losing weight, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine also recommends oral appliances as a treatment option for mild to moderate sleep apnea as well as for patients that are intolerant to CPAP. In eight quality-of-life measurements, Oral Appliance Therapy was equal or superior to CPAP across all metrics (for mild and moderate OSA). Read the study here.

Oral Appliance Selection

Upper Peninsula Sleep Dentistry will help you choose the sleep appliance that is best suited to your needs. We work with multiple styles of oral appliances, each with their own unique benefits. Most oral appliances fit over the teeth and are worn during sleep. When fitted appropriately, these appliances reposition the jaw to open a patient’s upper airway during sleep and promote better breathing. Our investment in state-of-the-art computerized technology allows us to create custom, perfectly fit oral appliances for each and every client.


CPAP Machine Alternatives

When people consider sleep apnea treatment, CPAP machines generally come to mind. In reality there are numerous other treatment options available, including oral appliances, travel oral appliances and CPAP combination devices that eliminate straps and masks. At Upper Peninsula Sleep Dentistry we work with each patient to understand their case and determine the treatment strategy that is best for them.

Diagnostic Technology

With advanced technology diagnosing sleep apnea is easier than ever before, and upper airway screening is now radiation-free. Upper Peninsula Sleep Dentistry measures narrowing and collapses of the upper airways using the FDA approved Eccovision Acoustic Pharyngometer and Rhinometer. The Eccovision system uses sound waves to map out the cross sectional area of the pharynx and nasal airway. Through this process, obstructions and narrow passages are easily identified, allowing the team at Upper Peninsula Sleep Dentistry to create custom oral appliances that are properly fit, and effective.